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Denise Stewart
Denise Stewart (67 kb)
Your Pieceful Valley Quilting Instructor

DENISE STEWART has had an avid interest in many kinds of needlework since childhood, and is especially fond of sewing.

She gained her early sewing skills at her mother's knee in her native
Jamaica, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics – Clothing and Textiles in 1985, at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Denise learned to quilt in
Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1986, where she served as Secretary of Quilters United In Learning Together (QUILT).  In 1989 while a member of the Belle Pointe Quilt Guild in Fort Smith, Arkansas, she began teaching quilting classes using quick piecing techniques.

After settling in
Columbia, Kentucky, in 1990 with her husband Jay, she joined the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society and has served this organization as President, Vice-President, Fund Raising Chairman and Long Range Planning Chairman.

Denise has taught many quilt workshops at the annual KHQS Getaway and for various affiliate guilds. She has also given instruction for the Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association all over the state of
Kentucky, mostly involving sewing.

She is currently offering classes at her sewing studio in Dunnville, Kentucky for small groups of quilters who want to get away to concentrate on their sewing.


Full Day (6 hours of instruction)

$200 per class

Half Day (3 hours of instruction)

$100 per class

Travel expenses

  .30 per mile, round trip


You may contact Denise by phone, mail, or e-mail if you have any questions.




“The Thread That Runs So True” in my life has always been sewing.  My earliest memories include watching my mother and grandmothers stitching clothes for my three sisters and me.  I can remember collecting the scraps to make doll’s clothes, or just to put them into my “stash”.  The stash filled a box under my bed for many years until the summer of my senior year in High School, when I cut all the scraps into hexagons for a quilt (still a “Work-In-Progress” twenty-something years later).  I completed my first quilt the year after I earned a B.S. degree in Clothing and Textiles.


I have been involved in quilting for twenty-one years, including teaching, judging, serving in Quilt groups, quilting-for-hire and hosting quilters’ retreats.  I find great joy in selecting fabrics and working out the puzzles of construction, and I especially enjoy sharing my hobby with others.  

I hope to be “spoolin’ around” for a long time to come.

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